Do you really need all that?

Do you use presentation software? Do you have to endure presentations created by those who do? Are all those zooming sounds and screeching noises necessary? Do you really need to make all the letters tumble into place INDIVIDUALLY. Do those handouts with minature slides with lines beside them help? Is there are better way to create handouts? What do you really hate in a presentation? What do you really like? Do you know what makes a good presentation?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Text heavy

Have you been to a conference and the presenter had slides with wall-to-wall text? How much do you remember from the presentation?

What's the best presentation you rememember?

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Since my first experience with presentation software, I have enjoyed pushing the software to the limits of a non-programming geek. I'm sure I created my share of really bad PowerPoint presentations. As my skills and style have developed, I have grown to appreciate the KISS principal.

When searching the web for PowerPoint resources, I discovered the phrases Power Pointless and Death by PowerPoint. Folks were being subjected to long, boring presentations, with a gazillion words in 18 pt New Times Roman. Most of the time these presentations included a handout with 3 minitures slides along the left edge of the page with about 4 or 5 lines next to them for notes.

Been there? Done that? Me, too! So I opened some of those links and discovered that there were some ways to modify my presentations so that the message would be clearer and that I could use a booklet format to print my presentation handouts in note view and get the same amount of slide to a page (4) with white space at the bottom for text and nots. And folks could actually see the content on the presentation slides.

I decided to share my presentations resources here and see if you have others to add. I hope you will contribute.